Seven Gratitudes - Week 4

Sorry I missed last week! My parents were in town and I was super busy getting the house ready and totally forgot to write a post. Here’s what I’m grateful for this week!

1. My Parents - To state the obvious again, my parents were in town to celebrate my birthday a couple weeks early. We had a good visit and drove around the area to see some towns and coal mines. It seemed like everyone had a blast! #itsmybirfday #almost 

2. Mother nature and all her beauty - We took a trip over to Big Stone Gap last Saturday to see the town I’ve heard a lot about. Driving through Southwest Virginia is really a treat. There are so many beautiful views and towns! #southwestvirginia #mountainmama #rewritingjohndenver


3. Tales of the Lonesome Pine Bookstore in Big Stone Gap - This place is a gem! Our associate pastor had recommended we go there and I was so glad we did! It’s a used bookstore in a victorian home and they foster cats! We walked up to the door and were greeted by the sweetest cow kitty. Then they had 4 more inside. I mostly gushed over the cats while Timothy looked for books. #mydreamcometrue #iwantedtotakethemallhome #wheresacatcafe #nextbucketlistitem


4. BBQ - Um yeah so I love bbq and there is a new place in St. Paul called Fat Boys BBQ. We went there last Saturday on our way home from Big Stone Gap. They had my all time favorite BBQ dish. BBQ stuffed baked potatoes. They call it a Heart Attack in a bowl. It was so good! #getinmybelly #sofull #omg


5. iTunes movie rentals - We go to the movies a lot! However, there are a lot of movies we want to see that don’t come to a theater near us. So I am grateful to be able to rent movies and watch them at home through our Apple TV. We rented Three Billboard Outside Ebbing, Missouri on Friday night and then The Mountain Between Us on Saturday night to watch with mom and dad. #threebilboardsisgood #youshouldseeit


6. Our little church choir - There aren’t many small churches that have choirs these days. I’m so grateful that our church has a choir that I get to participate every week. Music is a big part of my life and being able to worship in that way fulfills me. My mom got to sing with me in choir last Sunday while she was here. We haven’t sang together in years. #sonice #musicislife #singingislife

7. Goodwill and other avenues to reduce, reuse and recycle - I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we are spring cleaning. Since then, I took a whole carload to Goodwill and will have more to take in the coming months. I’ve also recently started using Poshmark to sell some stuff I didn’t want anymore and have had some success. I’ve also used Thredup but I’m not super happy with them lately. The first bag I ever sent them was successful. I’ve sent 3 more bags and have been very disappointed. I think they’ve gotten too popular and aren’t accepting as much as they used to so I won’t be using them anymore. If you decide to, just set your expectations very low. I seem to average about $.50 per item. Here’s an example, I sent them a brand new with tags pant suit from The Limited and only got $1 and they sold it for $60. I’ve sent them other stuff that was brand new with tags and they didn’t keep them and unfortunately for me, I didn’t request for my unaccepted items to be returned (that costs $10). If I have good stuff in the future to be sold, I’ll just be using Poshmark or Ebay. #mmmkay


Living Liturgically as a Methodist

Last Sunday was The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. AKA the Feast of Christ the King or Christ the King Sunday. #baller

Having grown up Baptist, these special feasts are completely new to me. I bet a bunch of my Methodist friends are in the same boat! 

So what is Christ the King Sunday all about? It celebrates the all embracing authority of Christ the King and Lord of all things. It is celebrated on the last Sunday before Advent.

Here's a little history about the feast.

Pope Pius XI instituted The Feast of Christ the King in 1925 for the universal church, in his encyclical Quas Primas. He connected the increasing denial of Christ as king to the rise of secularism throughout much of Europe. At the time of Quas Primas, many Christians (including Catholics) began to doubt Christ’s authority and existence, as well as the Church’s power to continue Christ’s authority.

Pius XI, and the rest of the Christian world, witnessed the rise of non-Christian dictatorships in Europe, and saw Catholics being taken in by these earthly leaders. These dictators often attempted to assert authority over the Church. Just as the Feast of Corpus Christi was instituted when devotion to the Eucharist was at a low point, the Feast of Christ the King was instituted during a time when respect for Christ and the Church was waning, when the feast was needed most.

That's pretty fascinating! According to my husband, theologian extraordinaire, The United Methodist Church adapted the feast around 1980.

I have been thinking for a couple years now that I need to be implementing more of these feast days into our lives. The end of the church year is the perfect time to start doing that. 

This post actually came through my Facebook feed and I had never heard of it but it is so cool!

Stir-up a Christmas Pudding. Then wait.

Stir-up a Christmas Pudding. Then wait.

You mix up this pudding and then wait to bake it until Christmas! It looks really good and I thought about making it myself but the recipe calls for suet. I have no idea what that is. #itsbritish Plus it would be hard to make on Christmas since we travel home to be with family. BUT maybe it's something you can do!

Anyway, next Sunday is the first week of Advent. Advent is one of my favorite seasons in the church. The anticipation and waiting.... #loveit