Seven Gratitudes - Week 3

I have had a busy week and almost forgot to write this post! This week I’m grateful for…

1. Jonny Lang and his epic guitar playing skills – We made a quick trip down to Knoxville to go to an awesome concert! We’ve seen Jonny and band a few times now and this was by far the best performance we’ve seen. We had great seats and the best time! #bluesguitar #amazeballs


2. VCA Highlands Animal Hospital – Mr. Murtaugh was having some super stinky breath lately and I took him in to get his teeth cleaned. Poor little guy ended up getting 12 teeth pulled! Apparently, his immune system is attacking his gums and causing his teeth to loosen. He was pretty pitiful there for a few days, but he’s all better now and on some immune supplements. #poorsmoosh


3. Mr. Zetty and his epic construction knowledge – A parishioner from church has been coming by to repair somethings in the parsonage. I’m very grateful to be able to live in a beautiful home and have people that are willing to fix things when they get broken/stop working. #manymanythanks #ihaveagarbagedisposalnow

4. Phillips Hue Lights – Speaking on parsonage upgrades, have you ever tried Phillips Hue Lights? We just got a couple and they are amazing! My sleep cycle alarm works with the bulbs to help wake me up gently in the mornings! It’s also super awesome to be able to say “Hey, Siri! Turn off the bedroom lights!” #sirihascontrol #nolongerjoltedawakebythealarm

5. Girl Scout Cookies and the BA girls that sell them – Timothy came home from Convocation last week with a bag full of GS Cookies! #tagalaongsaremyfavorite #gained5pounds I also came across this little gem of a video and just had to share with you guys! #staywoke #buysomecookies

6. Sunshine and Snow – I’ve decided March is coming in like a lion! It’s sunny/60 one day and 22/snowing the next. Not gonna lie, I wish we’d gotten more snow this winter so I’m happy to see the snow coming down again.

7. International Women’s Day – In honor of the IWD, I’m grateful for all the amazing women in my life. #mom #mil #sis #sils #bosslady #gmasinheaven #nieces #cousins #friends #bff