It's Fall Y'all!

Man, this year has been tough and busy! I'm really hoping life gets a little slower and less complicated this fall and winter. #foreal

It's time to set some goals and get back on track with this whole blog thing. I want to really focus on what I'm working on, inspiration for future projects and some cool things other bloggers are doing with their crochet.

I haven't been crocheting at all this summer. That is pretty typical for me. I tend to take a break when the weather gets warm. Maybe it has something to do with the heat. #nohotflashes When the weather starts to cool down, I start working up a storm. #fingersonfire



I've already started seeing posts about Christmas projects. It seems so strange to work on those in September, but you gotta get started early if you want to get it done by December. Last year Oh Sew Crochet posted a Corner 2 Corner pattern for a nativity blanket. I tried to start it last year, but got discouraged and quit. I really want to start it again and try to finish it this year. 

I typically get bored with big projects like blankets. I prefer to work on items that work up quickly. So I'm hoping that since this blanket is a series of squares, that it will be a little bit better and easier for me to focus. I can always take a break and work on something small. #hereshoping