Christmas Bazaar Craft Fair

I participated again this year in my church's annual Christmas Bazaar craft fair! It was a lot of work getting ready for it. I basically crocheted non stop for 2 months! It was a good day and a lot of fun. Check out some of my pictures below.

I think my display looked a lot better this year. I still have some improvements I want to make though. I'm thinking maybe white or off white tablecloths would be better and I need more height variation. I think the items that were just on the table got lost to the eye. It all kind of blended together.

I didn't have a best seller this year. People seemed to buy one of this or that, but I did get a lot of ooo-ing an aww-ing over the frog and owl hats. Maybe I should make more of those next year.

Every year I'm always amazed at how much work it is to setup an take down a craft booth. I don't know how other people do it every weekend! Whew!