Life in a small town

Timothy was appointed to Lebanon Memorial United Methodist Church in May. Life was so crazy during that time with graduation that I didn't even have time to process it much less announce it! #woot

So in July, we moved to Lebanon, VA which is in the foothills of the Clinch Mountains. Lebanon is a small town of about 3,500 and our county has about 28k. We are 30 minutes from Abingdon, VA which is a historic little town that is known for its antiques and the Barter Theater. We are about 45 minutes away from Bristol, TN birthplace of country music and the home of the motor speedway. #hollanascar

Much to our surprise, the move went really well. We hired a moving company from Bristol and they came to Atlanta to load us up. The next day they unloaded everything in out new home. The youth group came over to help us unpack. It was awesome! I had the whole house settled in a week with the exception of hanging pictures. I'm still working on that. #nobrokenfurniturethistimethanks #orwreckedmovingtrucks

Our parsonage is beautiful! It was built in the 50's and it has some cool details of a mid-century home. #pastelbathrooms So right up my alley! We are so close to the hospital that you literally walk out my front door and in 1 minute be in the hospital. That brick thing on the right of the house is the hospital and not an extension of the home!

Our church family has been amazing to us! They have welcomed us with open and loving arms! We've been well taken care of and we are so blessed. They must like us because they keep inviting us over for lunches and dinners! #feelinthelove

Since I'm finally writing this post 3 months after we moved, I can honestly say that I love living in a small town. There is no traffic! #byeatlanta Everyone is so nice and personable! #byeknoxville The nights are quiet and you can see the sky and stars. The days are beautiful and my back yard is a mountain. #notliterallybutalmost The weather here actually has seasons. For the first time in my life, I'm experiencing Fall. It does actually exist! #happyfallyall The only thing I miss is Target. #thatredsymboliscallingmelikeasiren

Is there a woman in American that doesn't love Target? I mean I could seriously spend hours just wandering around there and spending way too much money. We do have a Super Walmart but it just isn't the same. #sadface The closest Target is about 45 minutes away so you can't just hop in the car and go whenever you need something. Maybe I should start a campaign for a Target in Russell County. #howdoyoudothat? 

I am very lucky that I got to keep my job and work from home. 95% of my job is web based so my boss was totally awesome and trusted me enough to continue from Virginia. I have to go back to Atlanta every quarter to do some filing and bookkeeping in the office but that won't be too bad. At least that means I get to make quarterly trips to IKEA. #whatwhat I'll have to make another post about what that's like.