All the emotions

Since my last post, a lot of stuff has happened. Timothy got a church appointment, he GRADUATED (Woohoo!!), we took a trip to Virginia while I was on vacation and now we are packing for a move.

So lets back it on up just a minute. After a tumultuous end to March/most of April, we finally know where we are going. I say tumultuous because the powers that be kept changing the appointment. So we got the final word a couple weeks before graduation and now I can finally say that we are moving to Lebanon, VA! I've never lived in a small town so this will be very different for me.

I grew up in a city of 450k people, and if we count the metro area then more like 850k people, and then I moved to a city of 6 million people. It has been very nice to run to the grocery store looking like warmed over death at times and not run into anyone that I knew. I won't have that luxury anymore! #yikes 

Next up on the list is that Timothy graduated from seminary. #whatwhat The whole family came down to celebrate! We even had a little party on the night before. #gotmygrillon We had a lot of fun visiting with family and a few close friends. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep that night.

Y'all this was a super HOT and emotional day. I was exhausted from the party and drenched in sweat which is why I look so terrible in that picture. #hotlantayall I am so proud of him I just can't stand it! I am also sad that we've made so many awesome friends and now we are all going in different directions all over the world. We are making every effort possible to get as much friend time on the books before everyone vanishes!

I was on vacation the week of graduation so we left the day after to drive up to Virginia to meet with the Staff/Parish Relations Committee and see the church/town/parsonage.  Southwest Virginia is beautiful! #btdubbs We are getting excited about our new adventure, but I am not looking forward to moving. #movingistheworst

Packing all the stuff has commenced but just barely. I think I got maybe 5 boxes packed of living room/decoration stuff done last Sunday. #youknowtheusual

That about sums it all up! Stay tuned for moving updates and fancy packing ideas! I'm going to put my Etsy shop in vacation mode until I get settled into Virginia.