We just got back from a whirlwind trip to New Orleans to celebrate the marriage of our friends, Ben and Sharon. It was so much fun but seriously I'm questioning if it even happened or if it was just a dream.

We left last Friday and drove down to NOLA. When I looked at the map and saw that it was a 7 hour drive I didn't realize how long 7 hours actually is. That is a long time to spend in the car, but at least we got to spend the time together. Timothy really wanted to travel by train, but I wasn't keen on being without a car. Also the train ride would have been 8-9 hours. #yuck

There were a few mishaps along the way. Problem number 1: Timothy lost the link to the evite so we were going off his memory about location and time. As it turns out we were late and under dressed. Apparently the Friday night party was a cocktail party for close friends and family only, and they had requested that everyone wear semi-formal red, black and white attire. #umishowedupinadenimjacketandwhitetanktop So I was completely mortified when I walked in and saw everyone dressed to the nines and I looked like I didn't get the memo. #ididn't Being late caused us to miss some awesome entertainment provided by the happy couple. #bummer #sadimissedit Needless to say Timothy was in trouble and proceeded to apologize to me the whole night. #workingonhisthesiswashisexcuse

Problem number 2: I booked us two nights in a BnB through Air BnB. The place was called Cat BnB and I had booked us a private room with a Queen size bed. The place had 5 cats, which we don't mind, hence the name Cat BnB. Unfortunately it was not the place for us. The owner of the house wasn't there to greet us as we checked in, there was no air conditioning and it was not a quiet place to sleep. I had a hard time going to sleep b/c it was 80 degrees in the house. Then I was awakened every hour by people stomping through and making a bunch of noise. At one point I heard a girl crying. Then I heard someone in the kitchen getting ice out of the fridge. Then I heard someone puking in the bathroom. The plumbing for the bathroom ran under our room so I could hear the water rush through every time someone flushed. Oh and I can not forget about the rooster next door that crowed ALL NIGHT AND MORNING LONG. I guess the place had very thin walls. #wth #ifihadagunthatroosterwouldhavebeendead

At 4 in the morning on Saturday, I gave up on getting any sleep and just watched Netflix on my phone until Timothy woke up. The minute he open his eyes I said "We need to find some where else to sleep tonight. I'm not dealing with this crap again." He agreed. The only thing he was able to sleep through was the rooster. All the other stuff woke him up too. So we packed up our stuff and got the hell outta dodge. 

I wanted to do some touristy things that we hadn't done before because this was our third visit to the city and I had yet to ride a street car. Plus there were other things that we hadn't done yet. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and it poured the rain. So we went and had breakfast and got some fried bread at Cafe Du Monde. I was in such a bad mood that I decided I needed a nap and we went to find a motel room. Luckily we found one for $65/night right outside of town so it all worked out. We checked in, turned the AC on high and got some much needed rest. 

One plan that I refused to give up on was dinner at K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen. We celebrated our wedding and honeymoon at that restaurant 6.5 years ago so we wanted to get back and devour the deliciousness.

OMG, it was so good. Just like I remembered it!

Then we headed out to the big blow out party for Ben and Sharon. We got to meet a lot of their friends and get to know them. It was a blast! We stayed until midnight and then headed back to the motel. #wearen'treallypartypeopleanymore #oldfolks Sunday morning we got to spend some quality time with our friends. They had a brunch at their house for the out of towners. Yummy food and quality time with Ben and Sharon. #fabulousness

After brunch, we decided to go for round two at Cafe Du Monde and then we headed out of town back to Atlanta. We pulled into ATL at 11:30, got a pizza from Papa Johns #wewerestarving, and then we went to bed. #workinthemorning

So. Much. Fun! We needed to get away, but I wish we could have stayed longer. Maybe next time. I'm so happy for those two crazy kids. #whatup