Christmas Bazaar Success!

My church had a Christmas Bazaar craft fair to raise money for the youth group's trip to Resurrection in January. I worked night and day to get ready for this show! #myhandsweretiredyall

Here's some pictures of my booth!

The last craft show I did was October of 2014 in Marietta, GA. I made a lot of mistakes for that show. I didn't have a "shoppable" booth experience. There was no variation in heights, not enough variation in items sold and my signage was bad. Needless to say I learned what didn't work and how to improve the next time. So I worked really hard to improve my display this time around. I have been Pinterest researching like a mad woman to get all the best info on how to wow the customers.

The biggest mistake that I made this time was not having uniformed table cloths. I didn't buy the right size Christmas tree cloths, and the church gave me 8ft tables instead of 6ft. So I had to improvise and use some color coordinated fabric from my stash. So my booth doesn't have a uniformed look to it, but overall I think it turned out really well and super cute.

What do you think? 

Just for the fun of it, here is what my craft room/office looked like the day after the craft fair. #yikes Don't worry. It's all cleaned up now!