WIP Wednesday Vol. 1

Welcome to WIP Wednesday y'all! My idea is for this to be a weekly roundup of my works in progress. #getit #wip #wipitgood I hope you enjoy!

First up designing and writing my first pattern! #eek

I've been a in a funk the past few months with my Etsy store and crocheting in general. I worked really hard to build up stock for Fall/Christmas craft fairs in the hopes of making some extra money family Christmas presents. I did 3 fairs and only sold enough at each one to cover the cost of my booth rental. That was super demoralizing! I spent hours and hours working on hats and scarves and gloves that nobody wanted. #cryingface

After the New Year, I sat down and wrote out a list of aspirations, not resolutions. #hatethose It hit me that I'd rather be an artisan than a factory. From there, my mind started racing about things I'd like to design and write patterns for. #inspofordayz I have so many ideas and I can't wait to share them with you!

My first idea was to create a pair of slipper that would sweep your floors while you walk around the house. I have three cats and hard wood floors that always seem to be dirty and thought it would be nice to create something to help myself and our roomba. Hence the dry mop clippers were born! #keepsmyfeetniceandtoasty #tidyup 


I'll be posting the pattern for free here on the blog after I find pattern testers and make revisions. #totesexcited

Next up on my design list was soup bowl cozies.

We've been enjoying lots of soups and chili this winter while we watch tv. It though it would be nice to have a cozy for my soup bowl to help keep it warm and protect my hands from a hot soup bowl.


Lastly, the third pattern I'm working on right now is Cabled Fingerless Gloves. I designed these to match a hat I made for my mother-in-law at Christmas. Since it seems that warm weather is upon us, I probably won't post this pattern until next fall when people start making cold weather items again.


I've got some ideas for spring and summer patterns but haven't flushed them out or started working on them yet. More to come next WIP Wednesday!