I barely cleaned out anything this weekend.

Ugh! I had big plans for this weekend. Big plans. Did I get anything done? Nope.

Sometimes I feel like all I do is work. #sorrytocomplainbutimgonna I was thinking about this morning on my way to work while trying to understand how it is already Monday and where in the world did my weekend go?

I work a full time job and communiting ATL doesn't give me much time during the weeknights to get anything done other than grocery store trips, cook dinner and do a little bit of laundry. That leaves the majority of my cleaning and laundry to be done on the weekend.

So this weekend I was going to get so much stuff cleaned out and donated. Plus I had been told that the new pastor prospect wanted to come by and see the parsonage and therefore in my mind the parsonage had to be spotless.

I woke up at 8 on Saturday and I cleaned out and organized the upstairs until about 1pm. After that things kinda went downhill in the productivity department. We had eyes exams, dinner and grocery shopping. Followed by me staying up until midnight making bread for communion.

Sunday was spent at church and entertaining/answering questions about the parish and parsonage. Whew! It was a long day!

So here I am back at work on Monday and I feel like I got nothing accomplished. I didn't even get the laundry or dishes done. This is why I need less stuff! I need to focus more on my crocheting and less on cleaning and laundry!