DIY fail

Oh boy... this is a hard one to write.

Have you ever heard of the Pintester? She does all the things you want to do on Pinterest and then talks about how it went and whether you should try it to. It's some funny stuff!

I sort of feel like that today. As I said previously, I hopped on the essential oil bandwagon. Not only am I doing that, but I've been reading about how horrible chemicals are for you and how they are in EVERYTHING that you buy. So I've stopped buying commercial products and switched to all natural non toxic items. I do miss my Dove deodorant though....

Switching to all natural non toxic products can be very expensive. Through Pinterest I found some DIY recipes for things like deodorant, toothpaste and lotions. My husband, who has a luxurious beard, decided that he wanted to hop on that train and make some oil to moisturize his beard and the skin beneath.

So the first recipe I wanted to try was DIY deodorant. I went to Sams Club and bought a huge bag of baking soda, a big container of cornstarch and a gallon of coconut oil. 

It was great! We used it for a couple weeks and didn't have any stinky pits. It even held out during my runs and workouts. 

A couple weeks later, my husband came to me and asked me to look at his arm pits and the poor guy had a terrible rash! I never got a rash but I started itching a couple days later and my skin started peeling. 

After doing a little research, it seems that some people have problems with the baking soda in the recipe. So there went that money saving plan!

The next DIY recipe I wanted to try was making my own toothpaste. Luckily I already had the coconut oil and baking soda on hand. I did have to buy some xylitol and calcium powder. I got both of those on Amazon.

I made a batch of toothpaste last night and it was the worst thing that I have ever out in my mouth! HORRIBLE. I went back to my TOMS of Maine. As for the beard oil, it wasn't a success either. 

So I'm batting a 1000 these days and I don't have any plans to make anymore DIY recipes other than cleaning products. I should definitely stick to crochet!