Decluttering my life - A minimalist wardrobe

I have a confession to make. I have hoarding tendencies.

I want to hold onto things forever because I paid money for them. (It still must have value right!?!) I have to keep myself in check or else I'd have a house full of junk.

We have moved 4 times in the past 5.5 years. So with each move I clean out the clutter and donate what I can manage to live without. That way we don't have to move as much stuff!

I'm looking down the barrel of another move next June. I've started decluttering early this time because our church is have a yard sale next week. I have made three passes through the house and have been able to get rid of a lot of stuff. I wish there was more that I could get rid of and perhaps I need to make another pass.

One thing I can definitely clean out is my closet. I went a little shopping crazy in my 20's and racked up a lot of credit card debt. I'm slowly but surely paying everything down but it is hard trying to not buy more clothes and shoes. 

Photo Curtesy of House for Five

Photo Curtesy of House for Five

I came across this blog post a couple months ago and decided to take the plunge. She offers a free printable and chart for the basics that you need in your closet. If this looks like something that would be helpful for you to then you should go to the link above and get the free printables.

I ran into a problem. I couldn't seem to get my closet down to 40 pieces. I probably still have 3 times that amount. (And still nothing to wear!) So I've decided to give it another go around and purge more clothes that I don't wear and won't for the foreseeable future. It is going to be so hard! But I can do it!

My biggest hope with this is that I'll actually be able to find things to wear. I've been holding onto things that I don't need for many reasons. (I might wear that bedazzled cocktail dress in the future!) I think mostly I'm holding onto things that don't fit because I have this delusion it might fit again. If I haven't worn it in 8 years then I'm probably not going to wear it ever again. 

I think there are going to be some pieces that I will need to purchase. For some weird reason I don't seem to own any tops. (The weird reason being that I have two food magnets on my chest.) I have a couple plain t-shirts and a couple dress shirts and that's it. I do have a lot of sweaters, skirts and dresses though. do I have to?

In all seriousness I'm looking forward to this challenge and I hope it makes my life a little bit more enjoyable. I'll let you know how it goes!